Arlington Catholic High School

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Arlington, MA


High School


Private School, Catholic School, Religious School

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16 Medford St Arlington, MA 02474



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Arlington Catholic is a college preparatory high school.  It is focused on a rigorous curriculum while at the same time maintaining and fostering Christian values.  The mission of the school can best be described by its motto “Accept The Challenge" which applies to the following values:

  • A rigorous academic curriculum that provides a strong foundation for college and future success.

  • Acknowledging our role in society and working to improve society through service projects, donations, clubs, and activities that focus on social issues.

  • Accepting individual responsibility for your personal actions.

  • Being part of a school culture that is Christian and value based with a clear distinction between right and wrong.

  • Competing in an athletic program that is respected and competitive.

  • Earning one’s privileges

Each student is encouraged to participate in at least one club activity. There are plenty to choose from as the school offers over 25 clubs including cinema, hiking, drama, robotics, Human Rights, Art, Books, Debate, Choir and many more.

The school has a strong athletic tradition offering over 17 varsity sports teams including football, soccer, volleyball, golf, tennis, hockey, swimming, baseball, track and many more.